Technical & Strength


TBS focuses on innovation, as the owner of 55 patents, including 27 invention patents, we have developed advanced packaging


TBS offers customized service and a full range of turnkey services to the whole process of wafer bumping, grinding and sawing as well as packaging. 


Our products are widely applied in mobile communications, finance, mobile payment, social security, hygiene, education, transportation, logistics and IoT etc.

Product & Service

Smart card CSP module package

MSSB CSP module is of good reliability and widely used in mobile communication, finance, social insurance and IoT etc.

Wafer-Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP)

MSSB applies own chip pad bumping and RDL technology to Wafer-Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP), which is suitable for power devices, driver IC and smart card chip package assembly. The technology reliability has been fully verified by the market.

Wafer bumping

The wafer bumping adopts a unique chemical processing technology of chip pad bumping and is applied to LCD Driver IC, Mini/Micro LED, is cost-competitive and with high reliability.

CP test, grinding and sawing

Under construction




Duan Li, Chairman of Xiamen TBS Technology Co., Ltd.: Five years of growth experience witnessing Xiamen's good business environment On July 29, 2019, the Xiamen “Three Highs” Enterprise Development Conference announced a series of policies and measures to support the accelerated development of “Three Highs” enterprises. Through “precise drip irrigation” and considerate services, it effectively creates a good ecology of innovation and entrepreneurship and accelerates modern The industry leapt and developed. TBS’s five-year growth experience in Xiamen has witnessed a good business environment in Xiamen. The introduction of the "Three Highs" corporate policy has strengthened our confidence.



The 11th Straits Forum and the 4th Cross-Strait Talent Organization Fair was held in Xiamen.



A few days ago, Xiamen Customs Office in Xiang'an approved and issued Xiamen TBS Technology Co., Ltd. outbound processing account books. The total amount of account records filed reached 10.32 million US dollars, which was the largest amount filed in Xiamen Customs District. Outbound processing account book.


Add:E502B Yucheng Center of Taiwan Science and Technology Enterprises, Xiamen Torch (Xiang'an) Industrial Zone, Xiamen, Fujian, China.

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Add: E502B Yucheng Center of Taiwan Science and Technology Enterprises,Xiamen Torch (Xiang'an) Industrial Zone, Xiamen Fujian,China.